I am a photographer who enjoys using vintage cameras, especially 'Ensign' cameras made by the

'Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Co. Ltd'. 

I have always had an interest in photography, especially in using vintage cameras, so I started to use them in my work. 

Some of my old box cameras are

just that - a box with a lens,

of simple construction with basic controls. Perfect for taking a 'Snapshot'.


Basic, simple cameras they may be, but the pictures they produce can be outstanding




As Leonardo da Vinci once said - "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication". 




Just goes to show, you don't have to have all the latest gear to take a photo! 


I appreciate the simplicity and ease with which you can use these cameras and by understanding its limitations as a basic camera, using them have become second nature to me.



And here is my favourite camera!



1923,  Box Ensign 2 1/4 B


 "The daylight loading film 

 camera in its simplest

 form for the beginner.


 improved design and      



 pictures always sharp and   



So says the advert

in 1923 'Ensign Catalogue'.



Available in Black or Brown

Ensign Catalogue of 1925

It is not just box cameras. I do use others as well !! 



Among my other cameras are :-


Ensign 16-20 c1952,

120 roll film



Taken from 'Photography for Young People'  

By Tudor Jenks  c 1908 - 



'A good workman fits his work to the tools he uses, not attempting to execute miniatures on ivory with a painter's brush, nor to paint a board fence with a fine sable pencil'


'Consequently, you must first of all remember to fit the work you are doing to your camera, and the size of its picture, and the speed of the lens, to your own skill in handling it, and to the purpose of your work.'

So, As long as you understand your camera and its limitations and applying the above principles & advice you can obtain excellent results..  



This is the rule I try to follow when using my vintage cameras. I don't always get it right,  but I like the challenge of trying !!  


Why 'Ensign' Cameras ?  

Because they are 'British Made'  -  Simple as that !!  


Nothing wrong with other makes & brands of vintage cameras - I still own a few Kodak Box Brownies. 


I just believe that Ensign CAMERAS

Are just as good as any-one else

- if not better.  



As the accompanying advert states - 


  "An ideal roll film camera for the

  beginner, easy to use, inexpensive

  and beautifully made.  


  the daylight loading cameras

  for roll films in its simplest form.  

  produces excellent, sharp

  and pleasing Pictures" 



ensign catalogue of 1922